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LMR400 / LMR400UF Cable Specifications

Flexible Low Loss LMR400 (standard) Communications Coax Cable for Outdoor Usage with Black PE Jacket

LMR-400 / LMR400 Coax Cable Specs

LMR® standard is one of UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cables with 20-year outdoor usage time period. LMR400UF offer much better flexibility in comparison to corrugated and air-dielectric hard line cables.

Rather flexible outer conductor allows the smallest bend radius possible for any similar cable in terms of size and performance. Note that LMR400 is more stiff than LMR400UF (UltraFlex) due to its solid center conductor.

In comparison to semi rigid hard-line cables LMR400 has quite similar loss while sporting much better loss characteristics among other flexible cables.

The multi-layered outer foil conductor is rated approximately at > 90 dB. RF Shielding is 50 dB.

A wide range of common interface types connectors can be used with LMR-400 cable. LMR400UF (UltraFlex) has a stranded center conductor and rubber outer jacket designed to endure multiple bending Cycles

These cables are great for replacing air-dielectric type cables such as RG-8 when low loss RF cable is required. Applications include mobile antennas, WLAN, GPS, and many others.

LMR400UF / LMR-400-UF Cable Specs

Federal Custom Cable (www.FCCable.com ) carries the full line of the LMR coaxial cables and related connectors. Also Federal Custom Cable provides LMR cable assemblies with any mating connectors that the customer desires. All LMR cable assemblies manufactured by FCCable.com are thoroughly tested for continuity/isolation, Hi-Pot testing (includes dielectric withstanding voltage and insulation resistance) and if requested VNA testing for VSWR and insertion loss up to the maximum operating frequency.

Federal Custom Cable offers the grounding kits, hoist grips, snap-in hangers, support blocks, entry panels and weatherproofing kits for LMR cables. Federal Custom Cable also provides the required prep and assembly tools for field installations.

*LMR is a trademark of Times Microwave Inc.

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